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Petersfield Orchestra is proud to have been a part of the musical life in Petersfield for 90 years. Our aim is to provide our members with challenging, rewarding and enjoyable music to rehearse, leading to participation in memorable concerts.

We give three concerts each year in the Petersfield Festival Hall, in November, March and June, with the March concert forming part of the Petersfield Musical Festival.

We are based in the small market town of Petersfield in Hampshire, some 20 miles north of the famous South Coast Royal Navy base and city of Portsmouth.

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"The highlight of the Petersfield Orchestra's concert on Thursday, under their guest conductor, Mark Biggins, was the stunning performance of Beethoven's magnificent violin concerto." The Petersfield Post on our 2016 autumn concert (Read more.)

"The orchestra’s performance was full of energy and spontaneity. The outer movements were brisk, buoyant and dramatic...This was a joyous account of the work and brought a wonderful evening’s music making to a glorious close." The Petersfield Post on our performance in the 2014 Petersfield Musical Festival. (Read more.)

"The orchestra were superb with some glorious, rich, string sounds and some beautiful woodwind playing. This performance will long remain in the memory of this reviewer." The Petersfield Post on our performance in the 2013 Petersfield Musical Festival. (Read more.)

"This magnificent work was brought to a triumphant, exuberant conclusion by all the performers." Petersfield Post on our performance of Beethoven's Ninth.